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Absolutely perfect 5/5 Stayed Aug 2020 Due to Covid we had to scrap our vacation to Kauai on short notice and scramble for a more l...
Adam P. - Danville, CA
Loved our stay in Balboa! 5/5 Stayed Aug 2020 Ania L.Orange County, California We had a wonderful time at this property. I am only...
Ania L - Orange, CA
Super Clean, Tastefully Decorated and Well Appointed 5/5 Stayed Nov 2020 Michael L. I have never stayed at a short-term rental tha...
Michael L. -
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2BD/2 BA'S:

CASA 223 2BD/2BA:  2/13-2/16 3NTS, 2/19-2/21 2NTS, 2/26-3/05 3NT MIN, 3/09-3/11 2NTS, 3/25-3/27 2NT MIN, 4/13-4/20 3NT MIN, 4/24-5/15 3NT MIN, 5/19-5/25 3NT MIN, 5/26-5/29 3NTS, 5/29-6/07 3NT MIN, 7/29-8/12 WK MIN SAT TO SAT, 8/12-8/31 3NT MIN

CASA 227 2BD/2BA: 2/06-2/10 3NT MIN, 2/12-2/14 2NTS, 2/28-3/02 2 NTS, 3/05-3/10 3NT MIN, 3/15-3/17 2NTS, 3NT MIN, 3/25-4/04 3 NT MIN, 4/17-5/10 3NT MIN, 5/21-5/25 3NT MIN, 5/26-5/29 3NTS, 5/29-6/17 3NT MIN, 6/24-7/08 WK MIN, 7/22-7/29 WK, 8/05-8/12 WK SAT TO SAT, 8/12-8/31 3NT MIN

CASA 231 2BD/2BA: 2/05-2/08 3NTS, 2/26-3/04 3NT MIN, 3/10-3/12 2NTS,  4/02-4/05 3NT MIN, 4/26-5/19 3NT MIN, 5/30-6/16 3NT MIN, 6/17-6/24 WK SAT TO SAT, 7/15-8/12 WK SAT TO SAT, 8/12-8/19 3NT MIN, 9/05-11/24 3NT MIN


CASITA 216A LOWER: 2/03-2/07 3NT MIN, 2/11-2/14 3NT MIN, 2/21-3/01 3NT MIN, 3/22-3/26 3NT MIN, 4/01-5/10 3NT MIN, 5/16-5/25 3NT MIN, 5/26-5/29 3NTS, 5/29-6/15 3NT MIN, 6/16-6/30 WK FRI TO FRI, 7/16-7/21 5NTS, 7/21-8/11 WK FRI TO FRI, 8/11-8/31 3NT MIN 

CASITA 216B UPPER:  1/30-2/10 3NT MIN, 2/13-2/18 3NT MIN, 2/23-3/08 3NT MIN, 3/17-3/21 3NT MIN, 3/24-3/29 3NT MIN, 4/02-5/25 3NT MIN, 5/26-5/29 3NTS, 5/29-6/16 3NT MIN, 6/16-6/30 WK FRI TO FRI, 6/30-7/02 2NTS, 7/06-7/14 8NTS, 7/14-8/11 WK FRI TO FRI, 8/11-8/31 3NT MIN


CASA 225 3BD/2BA:  2/02-2/05 3NT MIN, 2/20-2/23 3NT MIN, 3/05-3/09 3NT MIN, 3/17-3/20 3NT MIN, 4/06-4/10 4NT MIN, 4/19-5/04 3NT MIN, 5/07-5/09 2NTS, 5/29-6/17 3NT MIN, 6/24-7/08 WK SAT TO SAT, 7/22-7/29 WK, 8/05-8/12 WK, 8/17-/21 4NTS, 8/28-8/31 3NTS

CASA 229 3BD/2BA:  2/02-2/04 2NTS, 2/19-2/22 3NT MIN, 2/27-3/04 3NT MIN, 4/25-5/06 3NT MIN, 5/10-5/19 3NT MIN, 5/26-5/29 3NTS, 5/29-6/03 5NT MIN, 6/10-6/13 3NTS, 6/17-7/08 WK SAT TO SAT, 8/05-8/12 WK, 8/12-8/15 3NTS

Welcome to Casa de Balboa Vacation Rentals in Beautiful Newport Beach
Have the BEST of BOTH the Ocean and the Bay!! SERIOUSLY!!

Casa de Balboa Newport Beach Vacation Rentals are a collection of owned and family managed, beautifully updated, private, with multiple family beachfront duplex properties in ONE LOCATION (NEW Casita's located next street in back of Casa's)...THE BEST LOCATION with many having the BEST VIEWS in Newport Beach available. Where we are located the peninsula is divided by one road with the bay on one side and the ocean on the other. It is a quiet family area at Marina Park beach with very easy ocean access. This gentle beach can be as short as a 30ft walk. You can't get closer to a swimming body of water in Newport than where we are located. Turn to your right ..you can see the lifeguard stand for the ocean too! It's literally a two-three minute walk (across one street..using crosswalk). The ocean water is closest to the boardwalk and it's often easier to access from our location than many ocean front homes due to the width of the beach.. making us the perfect location for kids and adults of all ages.

The state of the art children's playground, the light houses, with the taller Light House Cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are all on our beach. The red and white striped light house has a second floor squiggly slide down to a foam matted area. So cool! So safe!! so waterfront!!

We are on a turning basin allowing premium boat watching. The 4th of July Old Glory Boat Parade, and the famous Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade turns in front and can be viewed coming and going.


Check for 7 night discounts when available. 
Check back often if dates are not available. We have waiting lists....please send us an email to [email protected] with your requests.
Walk to restaurants and shops. They start right around the corner on both the main blvd and ocean. Dory fish market and farmers market (Sundays) are a couple blocks away at the main pier.
Can leave a dinghy (when space available) on dock (one door down) to come and go. 
Some electric boat companies (Duffy) will deliver to dock.
Rent paddle boards and kayaks around the corner and they will deliver in front.
Multiple units in one location - Perfect for family reunions, wedding parties - Wedding and Reception Venue at end of Beach..Marina Park
Each Casa has a portable AC unit in the rare instance when needed. Our NEW Casita's on 20th St. have air conditioning. In addition, there are plenty of floors fans and some Casa's with ceiling fans as well. 
The temps here are pretty moderate all year.
We provide superior linen. Small fee added to cleaning for professional laundering
One car garage for each Casa...can take a minivan or smaller. Height is 7ft. Please unload and fold in mirrors if needed before entering.
One car garage for Casita 216B UPPER  Height is 7ft. Depth 17 1/2 ft
One off street parking for Casita 216A LOWER. This parking spot currently is accessed using the small short drive left or neighbors drive to the right. The parking space measurement is 8' 6" wide wall to wall and 23' deep (see pic in gallery). But again access is limited to entering from the side. 
Plenty of parking both metered (pay station) and non-metered close by. No payment required overnight 6PM to 8AM
Pet Friendly (Dog friendly most breeds please inquire - small additional fee.)...We do not accept cats under any circumstance. NO pets at the Casita's sorry!
Plenty of outdoor space - Wide lots 30-50ft! Large Decks and Courtyards Private to one another. No need to vacation with strangers next door or above (Casita's have small deck off great room...depth that you would not use...more like a Romeo and Juliet balcony....that overlooks rear courtyard for lower unit. We will use umbrellas there for more privacy).

Mi Casa es su Casa!!

Save. Book direct! Don't pay service fees (commissions) charged on other platforms.. up to 15%.

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